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Is My Dog Seeing Ghosts, Sleep Walking, or Having a Seizure?

I made this video a couple weeks ago after Maybelle experienced another one of her weird late-night “episodes.” Today I brought the video to the vet with us, but we still aren’t sure what’s going on. I’m supposed to keep a log of these episodes, which are pretty infrequent (once every three months or so). My vet — who I love — had one other suggestion for me. If we determine that she’s not having small seizures — or can’t figure out what’s going on — that perhaps we should see an “animal communicator.” Apparently she’s got a couple she trusts and now I just kind of want to go anyway…

Anyway, has anyone ever seen something like this? It fits some of the “small seizure” criteria, but I’m still kind of hoping for ghosts.



C’mon…you know it’s funny.

Feed Jake

This song is ridiculous… but it also makes me cry every time I hear it.

Red Dog

This looks like a cute movie… though I’m partial to Australian dogs.


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I saw this short film a while back and…well…it’s a bit of a heartbreak.

Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die

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For years I’ve enjoyed reading about John Katz’s upstate New York farm, and quite often his Slate posts make me cry. But it was especially bad today when I came across a excerpt from his book about coping with the loss of a beloved pet.

And then there was this video (prepare to sob!):

“Everyday Dogs” – PETA

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I don’t always like PETA’s tactics, but this time they have a point.