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Mutts in the Woods

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Mutts on parade.


Tips for Choosing a Doggy Daycare or Overnight Camp

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We like to travel. Big trips, long weekends, overnights. Most of these trips aren’t conducive to taking the pup along. (Actually, the one time we did, we took her to the beach in Maine where she tried to eat the ocean…and then proceeded to poop it out in a very liquid fashion.)

At first, my parents would take Tulla, but that really made life very uncomfortable for their two cats. Then, I found a doggy overnight camp that turned out to be not great at all. Not having much experience, I didn’t realize that it was not great. She came back safe and sound, but it wasn’t paradise. They wound up closing one Thanksgiving with no notice to those who were counting on them. So much for the better. Read the rest of this entry

Tulla’s Strangeness

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My mutt, Tullamore Dew (aka Tulla) is a weird, weird dog. This morning, while I was having my morning pee, she barreled into the bathroom, past my husband brushing his teeth, and straight to me. She wanted to be pet. This is not odd for her, but it occurred to me, that this is odd. I can’t pee without her coming partway into the bathroom to be pet. However, since she’s a rescue, she’s also afraid of the bathroom…hence the only coming in halfway. She gets partway in, and just sticks her neck out so her head is justĀ barely close enough to get a good pet. Not one inch further.

This is not her only oddity. Read the rest of this entry