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Your Forever Pup

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I want one of these, mostly to see how they manage to capture the essence of May’s ears.

I don’t know who is cuter.


Fur Code

Maybelle has lost her tags more times than I can count, so I don’t really consider a tag to be a backup to her microchip. It’s the other way around, honestly. Still, if you are willing to bet the person who finds your roaming dog will have a QR reader then, by all means, go ahead and get this instead of a tag with your name and phone number on it.

Doggy DNA: Would You Want to Know?

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I got an email today advertising a Doggy DNA kit. Swab your dogs cheek, send the swab off to a lab, and wait for results. For $60 you can get an idea of what pooches may have been mixing it up in your doggy’s DNA! But would you want to know?

Probably not enough to pay for it… but if the “Mixed Breed Identification Test” were to appear on our doorstep, well…we wouldn’t scoff at the chance to figure out why Maybelle’s  ear stick out at a 45 degree angle, why Tulla drools, or why Charlie used to poop while hanging from a fence (no lie…he did that).


Reflective Pack

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My dog resembles a dingo — or, if you’re hunter in Connecticut, a coyote. I’m always afraid she’ll run after a chipmunk right into the path of a hunter. So I’ve been thinking about getting her a blaze orange vest for quite some time now. But most of the vests are just that…vests. No backpack-like qualities. If she’s got to  wear something, it may as well be useful. I searched high and low for the right one, and I think I’ve found it.

If You Live in Massachusetts Give Your Rep a Call

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Summary of the bill:

  • Create a statewide spay/neuter program to reduce the number of homeless animals in the Commonwealth and would, in turn, also reduce the cost to cities and towns for housing and sheltering these animals. This would be funded by a voluntary tax check off.
  • Add enforcement provisions to section 139A (the spay/neuter deposit law for animals adopted from shelters and animal control facilities) to ensure these animals can’t reproduce.
  • Require animal control officers to receive training.  People are often surprised to learn that their local animal control officer is not required to receive training for the complicated work they do to keep the people and animals in their community safe. This would be funded by the tax check off.
  • Prohibit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas as a means to “euthanize” dogs and cats.
  • Reduce dog bites by improving the dangerous dog law (while preventing ineffective breed-specific ordinances).
  • A Senate amendment would allow pets to be included in domestic violence protection orders to protect both animals and people.

Collar/Bottle Opener

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I just found what is possibly the best idea a human has ever had: a dog collar wit ha D-ring that doubles as a bottle opener. GENIUS!

The Buddy Project

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From Pixlfarmer, Flickr Creative Commons

Here in Connecticut we’ve got a great local rescue organization, and I was patrolling their site for training class information. While on the Our Companions website, I came across a great humane education program. The “Buddy Project” partners at risk youth with professional trainers. The kids learn how to train dogs through positive reinforcement, and eventually get to teach shelter dogs the behaviors needed to help them get adopted.

It’s a little like a new twist on the pups in prison programs, and I can’t even express how great I think those are. I wonder if I can hire one of those kids to come over and help me get Maybelle to stop trying to boss other dogs around.