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Mutts in the Woods

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Mutts on parade.


10 Tips for Photographing Your Mutt

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Roadside Pictures, Flickr Creative Commons

1. Be Patient

The first rule of animal photography, much like photographing babies and young children, is to be patient. Animals move around – A LOT. Unless you have spent a lot of time training them to sit still, having to be still for a photograph is a foreign concept. You need to be prepared to have many out of focus or slightly off shots, especially in the beginning. When your dog moves out of focus or “messes up” a shot, remember that they are just being their doggy self, and not trying to frustrate you. Also, while you may want to devote some time to getting that magic shot, watch for signs of agitation in your pet. If you think they’ve had enough, give them a break or end for the day. You always want it to be a pleasurable (or at the very least tolerable) situation for your pet.

2. Pack Lots of Treats and Praise Often

Dogs learn through praise, food, and play. If you make your photography sessions fun for them, they will begin to see the camera as something happy, rather than something to be feared. When Charlie sees me pick up a camera, he starts wagging his tail and jumping around because he associates the camera with hikes, attention, and milkbones. Through treats and praise, you not only make the experience fun, but can also get your pet listening to you.

If your pet is fearful of the camera, think about working on a program of systematic desensitization with them until they no longer see the camera as something to be feared. Read the rest of this entry

Charlie the Picky Eater

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To say our dog Charlie is “picky on food” would be an understatement. He will refuse hamburgers, fried chicken, roast beef, sliced turkey, ham, bacon, meatloaf, and just about any other meat product you could imagine. One time at a family reunion, Charlie refused ribs and barbeque and weirded out many of our southern family members. We heard “What kinda dog ya’ll got here?”  and “What’s wrong with him?” all day long. He did, however, eat about four pieces of corn bread that day.  The only time Charlie will eat meat is when it is heavily spiced with Indian or Thai spices – he loves a good Chicken Tikka Masala, the spicier the better.  He seems to be mainly a vegetarian, and favors cheese, carrots, rice, popcorn, ice cream, apples, and any type of carbohydrate he can get his paws on. For dog treats, he prefers milkbones, or if he is being really decadent, pegetables a vegetarian dog treat that runs $24.00 a bag. After 2 ½ years, our veterinarian still can’t believe that Charlie will spit out the treats she has in her office. Read the rest of this entry