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This guy needs your help!

Check out his story.


Adopt This Dog: Caleb

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Look at those eyes! You can tell Caleb is smart as a whip! And at 40 lbs, he’s totally portable without being a “little dog.”
Also, if you have anything in your yard that need herding, we’re pretty sure he’d be happy to oblige.

Adopt This Dog: Maybelline

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This is a dog that’s near and dear to my heart. She looks so much like Maybelle, she could be one of her pups. And then there’s the name…

But to put her freaking adorableness over the top, apparently she hops around…yes, hops.

Click the picture for more info.

Adopt This Dog: Maxwell

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We decided that we wanted to do a little bit more to help some homeless mutts find families to call their own. So, from time to time we’re going to post some Petfinder pooches… and we’re starting with what might be the most unbearably adorable dog in the history of dogs.

Bassett hounds are adorable, but throw in some blue heeler colors and a pool float and it’s hard to believe potential adopters aren’t beating down the door to adopt this handsome lad.