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My Worst Nightmare: The Deer Chase

Before she’d even seen the deer…

May and I have been wandering around the woods all summer, and she’s chased all manner of things. Squirrels, chipmunks, pheasants, and many things I couldn’t even see. I’ve been dreading the day she encountered something she couldn’t chase up a tree… and it finally happened. I’m just glad it wasn’t a bear.

Last week we went for a long hike with a friend and his dog — May wore her backpack — and she was exhausted by the time we were heading back to the car. We even sat down and rested for a while because she was so foamy and we were out of water. As we continued on our way and she headed off into the woods my friend said she was too tired to climb the “mountain” but I pointed that he obviously didn’t know my dog if he thought a little something like exhaustion was going to keep her from finding something to chase.

We were getting close to where the trail meet runs alongside a highway so I was calling May to get her back on her leash. We heard a crash and as I turned a deer went running across the path behind me. Then we heard yipping — a weird barking sound that didn’t sound at all like either of our dogs, but before we knew it they came crashing through the woods as well.

They seem to have lost the scent near the path, and May started running back and forth with her nose in the air trying to track down the scent. Once she located it, she was off again. Through the woods and up a hill, only this time she was alone. So I headed off into the woods after her. I was pretty much convinced I was going to have to put an APB out for her when she came back up over the hill and trotted up to me. I told her what a good girl she was, gave her a little loving, and then snapped that leash back on. No more deer chasing…


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  1. So happy you found each other again. I always worried about that too…they can go pretty far, pretty fast.


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