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I just read a couple of posts on Life With Dogs by Brian Beker that made me cry. Even though it’s a sad story about a deeply damaged dog, I teared up because sometimes human kindness is even more amazing than their ability to be cruel. And this story is about one of those times.

But it turns out the author is writing a book about Orville, his beloved Lab, and if you pre-order it, part of the sales will go to help dogs in need. Here’s what the site says about the book-in-progress:

Late one Himalayan night, after a run of luck that included being crushed in a jeep wreck, both legs and an arm pulverized, my skull cracked open and my face smashed, only to be paralyzed by a spinal cord tumor, divorced, fired, sentenced to death for espionage in one country and persona non grata-ed and deported from another, I saw a dog in the storm clouds over Kathmandu. I took it as a sign, and I looked for that dog for two years.
Matching a dog on Earth to one you saw up in the sky turned out to be harder than I thought.

I’m going to pitch in, and you should too. Heck, if for not other reason you should do it to get your picture (and your pet’s picture) in the book!


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