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My Dog Escaped Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter

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I continue to count my lucky stars that Maybelle found her way to Connecticut. I came across this story today about a small “no-kill shelter” in Georgia that has been a bit deceptive. It’s a little confusing — I guess people sponsor a dog, making it easier for the animal to get adopted. But often, the dog is put to sleep at the county shelter nextdoor and the sponsors get emails saying the dogs were adopted or sent to a rescue.

What does this have to do with Maybelle? Well, I noticed a familiar name in the story — the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter. Yes, according to the paperwork I got from my local humane society when I adopted Maybelle, she came here by way of the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter. Close call, May!

But you know what really pisses me off. No one seems to care that thousands of healthy, adoptable dogs are put down in that state every year… they mostly seem upset about the money that’s exchanged and the promises being made to the people. Not about the fact that the shelters are overrun with dogs in the first place. Perhaps the news should spend a bit of time educating the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering your pets, and raising awareness for low-cost spay and neuter programs.

I’m gonna go hug my dog now…


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  1. I am so glad your dog was rescued and adopted. Your comment about what people were most upset about was the money scam. I am one of a small army of volunteers in the SE United States that work around they clock trying save animals, WE know the shelters are full,
    Spend hours transporting and saving lives. Keep trying to educate and promoting spay and neuter programs. This story IS about the Animals, and Rescues .
    So, in response to your being pissed off, plenty of “US” get it ! Think I will go walk my 3 rescues, and 2 fosters .

    • Thanks for the hard work that you do, Susan. I know rescuers get it… it’s the general public that doesn’t always see the larger picture.I just hope this starts a bigger discussion. Hopefully the shelter will get some new leadership, and be able to rescue more animals.

      • Thank you Theresa. This story is heartbreaking . So, many of us spend evenings cross- posting dogs and cats that need Rescues to step up and help. I live in Alabama, but one of the GA shelters I cross post from, has had a good number of Rescues to Boggs Mountain.
        And I am devestated today, wondering how many never got adopted, but pts. The Atlanta news tonight mentioned criminal charges will be filed. I for one hope so, not only did this woman prey on animals but animal lovers .
        I am so very happy you have your beautiful dog! My current fosters are heading to NY and CT ! We are blessed to have so many loving homes waiting for these wonderful dogs !

  2. One month ago I paid to have Boggs MT. pull a black lab named Boss from a shelter. Some volunteers spend a lot of time posting pics of dogs needed adopted or fostered to find a safe home. I paid to have VAN aka Boss boarded at a boarding facility for a few days and he was to go to NH on transport, and I would be updated when he went to NH. I never got word, and after the video about the investigation on this woman, I need to find out if Van is still alive. I do not know if there is a transport from Bogg’s to NH. The snake of a person this Lawanda is sickens me. Seeing the 2 puppies on the video that were put down so soon is appalling. I know shelters put animals down due to no room, and the over breeding never seems to end. Many states MUST get some spay neuter laws in the works. People have been frauded, and money collected to keep animals alive and she kills them, and worse she notifies them that the dog was adopted, how sick can someone be?
    I called the investigative unit of the sheriff to ask someone to find out if Van is alive. I asked for her to be prosecuted and she should be; prosecuted to the fullest the law will allow. This is also internet fraud. If she killed the lab I paid her to save, I want the funds she got from me to be paid to the cause of getting her in prison, AND to never be allowed to be with animals again, as well as the staff that covered for her. This is not acceptable in our world. I do not know anyone in GA. but I pray I find out about Van. Boss was named Van as it is part of my last name. I was told he is on page 3 of their website; I have yet to go look. There is no phone service to this Boggs, MT. and no FB page.

    • Susan Blackwell

      I use to volunteer at Boggs Mt and their phone number is 706-782-5422. Also I adopted a black lab from there in 2005 and was told my the different director that she was on death row and would be put down the next day as there were too many black labs. She and the male that came in with her(they were surrendered as people were moving) never even made it too the adoption side. Sheba is one of the best dogs I have own
      There is a site Lost dogs of Boggs Mt(just google it) and you can post a picture of a dog of cat and they have found several dogs even in the last few days. Boggs Mt has never been a no kill shelter. Boggs Mt separated the shelter from animal control(all in same building)and changed the name to Rabun Cty Animal Control so that Boggs Mt could claim they were a No Kill sheler just so they could get Grants of Money. I am a tax payer in Clayton and I will be at the next County meeting to help put a stop to us taxpayers giving Boggs over $175,000 a year. I have spoke out about Boggs Mt before and the President sent me a letter banning me from the shelter. And the current director “Peanut” has been suspended with pay. I believe this is going to be worse than anyone could expect as the GA Bureau of Investigation(GBI) is now handling the case.

      • This is a tough situation. My dog is here, passed out on the couch and so it’s obvious that this shelter has done some good. I’d hate to see it lose funding and donations that can go to help animals that desperately need it. Closer supervision and new management seems to be a better way to go.

      • Thank you Susan for keeping us updated and giving Nona a phone # and website to search. I am glad the GBI has been called in. Something Serious needs to be done ! The people that do try and help…get banned. 😦
        Nona I hope and pray you find Van !

    • There is a Facebook page called Lost Dogs of Boggs. They are searching for the dogs that were taken to Boggs Mountain to be rescued. Previous pet owners and rescuers are going on there to see if their pets were saved. Maybe they can help.

  3. Theresa, You are so right, the public in general has not a clue. Breeding continues, sales of animals along the roadside continue. The public thinks taking their older dog or a dog they decide they cant feed, to the shelter will help the dog find a home. How do we educate them if the media doesn’t help? Owner surrenders are put down quickly, as well as strays. Folks want someone else to be responsible for an elder dog and it is the total ignorance of the public that gets dogs and cats into this overpopulated mess. Gosh, some dogs have 10 – 13 puppies in a litter. So, the animal people get it. We just have a large portion of the public who need to educate themselves and they cant even do that, why do we think they can care for a pet? This ordeal with Boggs MT. is beyond devastating, it has hurt animals, and hurts future donations for animals. Shame on all of those that work there; they had to know.

    • Susan, thank you for the number but I called Boggs yesterday and the phone system just routes in circles.. no calls or messages allowed. Also, FB page is down, I have not tried the website yet. the FB for Missing Dogs at Boggs, gave me links to possible facilities that dogs were taken to, but no luck finding Boss/ aka Van. Just saw the pic of the dog taken to Boggs early in July and was there only 4 days then Euthanized. He was there under the program called ” Lucky” Dog program. What a slap in the face, Lucky dog program kills the dogs.
      Hopefully someone will tell us what dogs are at Boggs Mt. Humane Society. Still praying to find him and so many others.

  4. No, we’re upset b/c of the animals but we know that the money is what will be the most likely cause of prosecution. Theft of deception b/c they promised one thing for the money and that is not what they delivered. Grants to be used for the benefit of the animals–how many do you think they would have gotten if the true use had been listed on the grant request? So if the money issue has to be the avenue of justice for the animals, so be it. And the more specific instances that can be substantiated, the more charges can be filed. Of course, each case can also be abuse and/or cruelty to animals. And the more charges that can be brought, the more the possible jail time, fines, etc can be.

    • I suppose my point is that there are shelters all across the country that put healthy, adoptable dogs down everyday.I don’t see news stories about them. The fraud is what’s getting attention here — and I am very glad it’s been exposed — and it saddens me that the larger issue of over population isn’t being addressed in a meaningful way. And I’d hate to see what good this shelter was able to do be negated by one bad person. After all, if this shelter goes away people will have to turn their pets into the county shelter nextdoor where they’ll almost certainly be put down and there won’t be any fraud about it. What’s more important is that new leadership be bought in and the whole place gets it act cleaned up — but it’s going to need money to do that.

  5. Received your subscription email but I can’t respond from the webtv addy. Please use the addy listed below. Thanks.

  6. You will get some continuing info from the reporter who broke this story He has been posting updates. And you may be able to get in contact with someone who can help find out info on Van.

  7. Theresa, my name is Martina. I am one of the Admins for the Lost Dogs of Boggs Facebook page. Could you tell me the exact name and the location of the shelter you adopted Maybelle from? We have tried repeatedly to get the receiving shelters up north information from Boggs with zero luck. I keep being told many dogs were sent to Connecticut Humane Society but I see very few photo’s on their facebook page of dogs and their petfinders listings don’t show any of the missing dogs we are looking for. Just trying to pinpoint the exact place they were sent so we can give closure to those still missing. Thanks!

    • Hi Martina,

      I got May at the CT Humane Society’s Newington branch in January. They tend not have many dogs at a time and a lot of turnover. So unless they had a recent Boggs shipment I doubt you’d see them on the Petfinder page.


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