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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Adopt This Dog: Maxwell

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We decided that we wanted to do a little bit more to help some homeless mutts find families to call their own. So, from time to time we’re going to post some Petfinder pooches… and we’re starting with what might be the most unbearably adorable dog in the history of dogs.

Bassett hounds are adorable, but throw in some blue heeler colors and a pool float and it’s hard to believe potential adopters aren’t beating down the door to adopt this handsome lad.


“Everyday Dogs” – PETA

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I don’t always like PETA’s tactics, but this time they have a point.

One Nation Under Dog: A Call to Action

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Recently there was a New York Times article about how 20-somethings are using their parents’ HBO Go passwords to watch Girls. I’d recommend finding an HBO Go password of your own to watch One Nation Under Dog.

I will warn you though, it’s thoroughly heartbreaking.

I cried, a lot.

It’s the “Betrayal” section of the documentary that really gets to you. I’m a little surprised I didn’t actually vomit.

One by one, workers in a a rural shelter carry one perfectly lovely dog after another into a big metal bin. They’re packed in so tightly they can barely move. Then they’re gassed — you can hear them crying. Once they’re dead, the bin is opened up, a litter of puppies is put in on top of them and the process is repeated. Then a garbage truck shows up and dumps the bin full of dogs into the back of the truck.  Read the rest of this entry

Wading in the River

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The Thin Line Between a Stray and a Stroll

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I’ve often wondered how my dog ended up in a shelter. She’s the kind of dog that makes you ask, “Who would ever give you up?” It’s clear that someone loved her enough to train her, and she has absolutely no fear of people or much of anything really (except for thunder, vacuums, and baths). But she came from Georgia, where dogs are just treated differently. Frankly, they’re allowed to behave more like dogs — roaming the countryside, following their noses, and coming home when it’s time to eat. So when I saw this story today I wondered, “Is this how Maybelle ended up on my couch?”

According to Life with Dogs:

Mitchell picked up a stray dog on the side of the road in Oxford last week. The dog was not wearing any form of identification, so she brought it home for the night.

She was arrested 24 hours later, and maintains that something needs to be done to modify state law. Read the rest of this entry

Talking Sense About “Dangerous” Dogs

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Finally, someone speaking some sense when it comes to dangerous dogs.

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I entered Maybelle into the GNC Healthy Pet, Happy Pet contest for the chance to win $5,000. Unfortunately, they don’t make it easy to just link to a specific dog. But we’d all love it if you’d go to the context and search for her name and vote for her!