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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Soldier and Dog Reunions for Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day! Since no one loves a vet more than a dog, we thought we’d bring some heartwarming reunions to you!

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The Buddy Project

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From Pixlfarmer, Flickr Creative Commons

Here in Connecticut we’ve got a great local rescue organization, and I was patrolling their site for training class information. While on the Our Companions website, I came across a great humane education program. The “Buddy Project” partners at risk youth with professional trainers. The kids learn how to train dogs through positive reinforcement, and eventually get to teach shelter dogs the behaviors needed to help them get adopted.

It’s a little like a new twist on the pups in prison programs, and I can’t even express how great I think those are. I wonder if I can hire one of those kids to come over and help me get Maybelle to stop trying to boss other dogs around.

Rocky, Another Mutt-Hero

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Dogs are Awesome…Obviously

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So You’ve Graduated Obedience School, Now What?

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After obedience training ended I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself…or Maybelle. We were a couple of lost souls floating around out there without anywhere to go on Tuesday nights.

We’d learned all we could from that particular class, but I didn’t feel like I’d gotten what I really needed. More than anything I wanted help on teaching her how to approach dogs appropriately while on leash. The problem with our tiny class was that she was used to the other dogs after a class or two and was not particularly excited about them. So greeting them was not a problem. Read the rest of this entry

A True Blue Heeler

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Do all breeds have their own song?? What about mutts?

Honorary Mutt: Lilly the Heroic Pitbull

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Really pitbulls are the ultimate mutts, but if you didn’t already believe they get a bad rap, allow us to introduce you to Lilly.

According to MyFoxBoston, 8-year-old Lilly rescued her unconscious owner ¬†from the path of freight train…much to her own detriment:

Spain was not injured, but Lilly suffered a complete “de-gloving” of her right foot: all of the muscle and skin were gone. Her pelvis was fractured in multiple locations and she suffered other internal injuries. But even as first police and firefighters arrived at the scene, Lilly stayed by her owner’s side.

Lilly ended up having one of her legs amputated, and surgery on her pelvis.

To help cover Lilly’s care visit¬†