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Is My Mutt a Designer Dog?

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Lily, a Cattle Dog/Corgi cross.

Normally, I find myself wondering about the sanity of people who buy “designer dogs” like Schnoodles and Cockapoos for thousand of dollars. I have plenty of objections but it’s mostly just that I can’t help but think, “It’s a mutt.” Obviously I think my mutt is priceless, but if someone tried to charge me thousands of dollars I probably would have laughed at them.

But today I find myself wondering if I inadvertently ended up with a “designer dog.” 

Lately people have been suggesting that Maybelle’s “mystery head” may have come from a Corgi. Her ears are pretty much quintessential Corgi and her herding drive is so strong, it makes sense to me. Today I stumbled across a page about Cattle Dog/Corgi hybrids.

It sort of make sense that the two dogs would be crossbred, especially by ranchers. They’re actually both bred to work cattle. (I know it’s hard to imagine a Corgi controlling a bull, but it’s true.)

Once I realized this was a “thing,” I figured I’d look into it more. I found this site of ungodly cute Corgi-mixes and for some reason the Cattle Dog mix is the only who seemed to come out with normal legs. I am now convinced that I have ended up with a mutt that was intended to be a  fancy hybrid dog — it might also explain why she was allowed to have puppies. Apparently, May’s offspring might be worth a lot of money.


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