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Basic Obedience: Fifth Class

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Quite to my surprise, we had our fifth and final class.

We added two new things  to our repertoire. One was useful, one…well, not so much. Our instructor started to teach us how to get the dogs to “give it.” This is certainly useful for some dogs, especially puppies who like to eat things, but May 1) doesn’t take things she’s not supposed to 2) has always relinquished things like tug toys and even big juicy bones when asked to.

But we also started working on “leave it” which shall prove helpful somewhere down the line. We started by putting a crunchy treat on the ground where the dog could see it and held the by the collar. You tell them to leave it and when they go for it you quickly cover it up with your foot. When they look away, they get a treat. You show the dog the treat again, and it repeat the process over and over. Eventually the dog becomes disinterested and you have to start over, or up the ante. The idea is that eventually I’ll be able to use this one things such as squirrels and dogs walking down the other side of the street.

Now…onward and upward!


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