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A Life Saving Mutt

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_Jem_, Flickr Creative Commons

Now this is the kind of story that just warms the very cockles of your heart:

As the teen, who had been volunteering for the Friends of Strays animal shelter in St. Petersburg, walked down a path behind the shelter with Mabeline, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Michael Bacon, a registered sexual predator, chased her down, grabbed her by the hair, then pinned her down, reports WTSP News-10 in Tampa Bay.

This is such a great story, and it gives me hope that despite the fact that Maybelle welcomes all people — whether she knows them or not — into my house, that if someone was actually aggressive toward me, all 45 lbs of her would scare them off. At the very least she’d bark at them and try to herd them into submission.

I kind of can’t believe the girl didn’t immediately bring the dog home with her though… or that it didn’t get a key to the city or something.


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