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First Day of Doggy Daycare.

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Last Wednesday I had a tweaked knee and a dentist appointment on the same day. I figured it was as good a day as any to drop Maybelle off at Doggy Daycare for the first time.

I work from home, and so I don’t really have a use for doggy daycare most of the time. We go out for walks every day, play in the yard, and sometimes join up with our mutual friends to run around in the fields. But I want May to get as comfortable around other dogs as possible, but I find the dog park to be a bit overwhelming so I figured daycare would be a good compromise.

I chose a smaller operation than the one Tulla goes to, where I know the owner and some dogs who have frequented the joint. It’s not as shiny looking, but I know they know what they’re doing there. (Plus May likes to stick her nose in the cages of the bunnies and ferrets in the lobby.) Generally they do an evaluation, but I’d taken May there for a socialization class when I first got her and as the owner put it, “She’s a sweetheart.” So they just let me dump her and run. I dropped her off for half a day–or five hours–and was fully expecting her to be half-dead when I picked her up but she wasn’t. I know they have “nap-time” there, so perhaps she’d regained some energy.

While I was worried she’d harass everyone all day, with her herding, the only thing they said to me when I went to pick her up was, “She’s a barker, huh?” Well, yes, she is…when she is outside and wants to be inside. She is not afraid to speak her mind and let you know what she wants. (That’s my girl!)

Now I’m thinking that on the rare occasion that I travel for work, doggy daycare will be the perfect place for my pooch.


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