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Citizen Stump: K-9 Hero

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Stump is no mutt. In fact, he’s probably meticulously bred, but if there was ever a dog worthy of Honorary Mutt status, it’s got to be this guy.

The dog’s real name is Emir, but he earned the nickname “Stump” after biting off his own tail in training. That’s the kind of single-minded canine intensity that you need in a dog that’s going to serve four tour of duty in Iraq. Eventually this poor pup was retired after a broken vertebrae was found in his back — that’s what happen when you jump out of helicopters to clear the way for your fellow soldiers.

These days Stump is living with another veteran, Lani Singh, and living out his life as a favorite around the Pikes Peak Community College Campus.

Big thanks to Stump and Lani for all that they do and have done.


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  1. colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary

    It is so nice to see one of our four-legged heros being honored. That doesn’t happen enough, thank you!


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