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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Honorary Mutt: The Canaan Dog

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American Kennel Club, Flickr Creative Commons

You might be tempted to look at one of these guys and think it was a Shepherd mix or part Husky, but you’d be wrong.

The Canaan dog is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and have existed in the area that is now Israel since the days of Moses. Perhaps one even trotted across the Red Sea with him. But these wild dogs are dwindling in the wild, and a few kennels are trying to add new life to the wild population in order to save a national treasure.

From the Washington Post:

“When they talk about dogs in the Bible, it was these,” says Myrna Shiboleth, who has done more than anyone to rescue the breed formally known as Canaan dog. “It was the same dog.”

The archaeological evidence bears it out, from 1st-century rock carvings in the Sinai to the skeletons of more than 700 dogs from the 5th century B.C. discovered south of Tel Aviv. When Jesus and Moses turned their heads to the sound of a barking dog, it was the Canaan that they saw.


Basic Obedience: Fifth Class

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Quite to my surprise, we had our fifth and final class.

We added two new things  to our repertoire. One was useful, one…well, not so much. Our instructor started to teach us how to get the dogs to “give it.” This is certainly useful for some dogs, especially puppies who like to eat things, but May 1) doesn’t take things she’s not supposed to 2) has always relinquished things like tug toys and even big juicy bones when asked to.

But we also started working on “leave it” which shall prove helpful somewhere down the line. We started by putting a crunchy treat on the ground where the dog could see it and held the by the collar. You tell them to leave it and when they go for it you quickly cover it up with your foot. When they look away, they get a treat. You show the dog the treat again, and it repeat the process over and over. Eventually the dog becomes disinterested and you have to start over, or up the ante. The idea is that eventually I’ll be able to use this one things such as squirrels and dogs walking down the other side of the street.

Now…onward and upward!

A Life Saving Mutt

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_Jem_, Flickr Creative Commons

Now this is the kind of story that just warms the very cockles of your heart:

As the teen, who had been volunteering for the Friends of Strays animal shelter in St. Petersburg, walked down a path behind the shelter with Mabeline, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Michael Bacon, a registered sexual predator, chased her down, grabbed her by the hair, then pinned her down, reports WTSP News-10 in Tampa Bay.

This is such a great story, and it gives me hope that despite the fact that Maybelle welcomes all people — whether she knows them or not — into my house, that if someone was actually aggressive toward me, all 45 lbs of her would scare them off. At the very least she’d bark at them and try to herd them into submission.

I kind of can’t believe the girl didn’t immediately bring the dog home with her though… or that it didn’t get a key to the city or something.

Basic Obedience: Fourth Class

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For this class we had a substitute teacher, and practiced a whole lot of the same distraction stuff we practiced last week!

But this time, when we practiced our emergency recall, we disappeared around a corner and called the dogs from out of their site… and then threw in some extra distractions. First we just tossed a toy as we were walking away, to see if the dogs would be distracted by it. We had three very different reactions. Read the rest of this entry

What a Good Adoptive Mom

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Who knew dogs struggled with infertility problems?

First Day of Doggy Daycare.

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Last Wednesday I had a tweaked knee and a dentist appointment on the same day. I figured it was as good a day as any to drop Maybelle off at Doggy Daycare for the first time.

I work from home, and so I don’t really have a use for doggy daycare most of the time. We go out for walks every day, play in the yard, and sometimes join up with our mutual friends to run around in the fields. But I want May to get as comfortable around other dogs as possible, but I find the dog park to be a bit overwhelming so I figured daycare would be a good compromise. Read the rest of this entry

Thank a K9 Veteran!

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Apparently today is K9 Veteran's Day. So be sure to thank one... or just write a letter to Stump (see our post about him below).