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Deer Huntin’

Which way did it go?

I should preface this by saying, no deer were harmed in the making of this blog post.

About 80% of the reason I decided to get a dog was to have a hiking partner that had no choice but to go with me, even if I decided to go at the spur of the moment. In fact, the reason I didn’t adopt Maybelle’s buddy Wilbur was because he didn’t have the stamina for hiking. When I first met him, long before I adopted Maybelle, he laid down halfway through a short summer walk.

After a dreary, rainy Friday cooped up in the house, Maybelle and I headed out on Friday morning to try and find the darn falls at Blackledge Falls. We failed. After consulting the online map, I thought we were on the right track until we emerged from the woods and onto the utility road that runs along roughly the same path as the power lines. I was confused, but the utility road makes for a nice, easy walk and though we probably mutated our genetics a little, I like walking out there.  Lots of animals use the open space around the lines to move freely through the state. I fully expect to run into a bear, bobcat, or mountain lion out there one day.

Today, though, it was just a deer. I saw it spring out of the wood way ahead of us on the gravel road. It was far enough away that Maybelle couldn’t see it (dogs don’t see color very well, and the deer was well camouflaged). We kept moving forward, and when we got to the area where I’d seen the deer come out of the woods and head down the path it was fascinating to watch the dog’s reaction. That Beagle nose of hers went into overdrive and she started running back and forth across the path, and pulling off into the brush (which she hadn’t really done before). Let me tell you, it’s a good thing I’d brought the 25-foot leash because if I’d let her off the leash she would have run off after that deer without a second thought to me.

I’m just glad she didn’t see the deer earlier and decide to get bold. Our day could have ended more like this.


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