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Guest Dog Blog: Beaux the Wonder Dog

This is Beaux, my office’s rescued mutt. To be fair, he only belongs to one of my coworkers, but he’s the only dog who regularly comes into the office. I’m pretty sure Tulla would just pee on the office carpet. Beaux is a big dog stuck in a smaller dog’s body; he’s not afraid of much and loves to run with the big dogs in the dog park. He’s some kind of Australian shepherd mixed with some other stuff. Like May, he’s definitely a herder. Beaux is smart as anything, and incredibly protective of his momma, who hunted really hard to find him and spoils him rotten just like he deserves. He has an adorable underbite, and crazy piles of energy. The workdays I get to see him gives me a nice dose of doggy, and make me miss Tulla. Here he is with one of Tulla’s rejected raw hide bones…because it scared her. Oh, and Beaux has the best doggy breath I’ve ever had huffed on me.


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I'm an ABC--American Born Chinese. I work in development and fundraising by profession and cause trouble with my inability to filter or shut up by nature.

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