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Tulla’s Strangeness

Flickr Creative Commons, user redskunk

My mutt, Tullamore Dew (aka Tulla) is a weird, weird dog. This morning, while I was having my morning pee, she barreled into the bathroom, past my husband brushing his teeth, and straight to me. She wanted to be pet. This is not odd for her, but it occurred to me, that this is odd. I can’t pee without her coming partway into the bathroom to be pet. However, since she’s a rescue, she’s also afraid of the bathroom…hence the only coming in halfway. She gets partway in, and just sticks her neck out so her head is just barely close enough to get a good pet. Not one inch further.

This is not her only oddity.

She refuses to eat out food bowls that are not “hers.” At doggie camp, they have to either hand feed her or put the food on her blanket because their bowls scare her. Her nice travel food and water bowl? Forget about it. A bowl of the same size, shape and material as her own? Not a chance. Who would have thought a dog would ever refuse food simply because of the container?

Tulla is also extraordinarily frightened of a certain lamp in our house. Granted, it’s a tall floor lamp. However, we have other floor lamps, of which she is not afraid. It’s not the placement of the lamp, because we’ve moved it to different areas in our home.

Try going near her butt with anything but a foot and all hell could break loose. I understand since I don’t want anyone going near my butt either, but then why is a foot okay? Now, make it a socked foot with no-skid nubs on it… Oh, she’s in heaven. But try to touch her butt with a hand and you’d think the dog executioner was there to euthanize her!

Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out why she’s a strange dog, but I can’t. At first I thought that it was because she was a rescue, and likely abused. But it’s been four years and most of this has not worn off, but rather intensified. I tend to think I just have a dog who has some idiosyncrasies like an eccentric old man. Nevertheless, she is well loved, and her neuroses are well catered to.


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I'm an ABC--American Born Chinese. I work in development and fundraising by profession and cause trouble with my inability to filter or shut up by nature.

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  1. For the record, I don’t think it’s weird that she comes into the bathroom. I can’t remembered the last time I had a pet that didn’t do that… Though, only coming in halfway is a little weird.

  2. She refuses to come into the bathroom unless I’m on the toilet…brushing teeth, washing face, anything. I’m on the toilet–she’s in there.

  3. Maybe it’s the running water…she probably assumes you’re going to pounce on her and give her a bath at any moment.


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