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Street Dogs of South Central

Warning: This video may depress you.

We here at Rescued Mutts live in New England — Connecticut to be specific. We don’t have a have a huge stray dog population (now feral cats are another matter). Even our most crowded, inner-city shelters typically do a very good job of finding foster/adoptive homes for the dogs that walk through their doors. (Check out the City of Hartford Animal Shelter’s Facebook page for a great example.) 

As you can tell from our mutts’ bios, many of the rescue dogs here in Connecticut actually come from other parts of the country (mostly the South). So we are less than prepared when we see a video like  the one posted above (or visit the South, which isn’t much different).

It’s easy, when you live in Connecticut, to wonder what the big deal is when it comes to animal overpopulation. I’ve gone years without so much as seeing a stray dog on the street. So it’s important that people see what’s going on elsewhere before they go out and buy a puppy from a pet store or a breeder.


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    Honestly, who doesn’t stop to pick up a puppy in the middle of a busy intersection??


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