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Since I got her, Tulla has needed to be “expressed” as she doesn’t do it herself. Some dogs don’t. So, I usually wind up paying the vet $20 to do it. I once stayed in the room while they were doing it. Damn, is that a noxious smell. And, Tulla startled and sprayed the vet, who was none too pleased. It was hilarious.

I started to wonder if I could save myself the money and do it myself, so I started to look at how-to’s on the Internet. Here are a couple that I found:

I’m pretty damn sure I’m happy to pay the $20 for someone else to do it.


Basic Obedience: Second Class

This week we started off by practicing walking/heeling. I’ll admit right now that I jumped ahead.

Maybelle and I had been working on her walking for weeks, so this week I read ahead in our training booklet and started working on teaching her “heel the position” and then transferred that to our walking. Because she’s super smart she picked it up very quickly and by the time we got to class she was way ahead of the pack, especially the nutter dog.  Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Surviving the Dog Park

I’ll totally admit that I’m the one who gets stressed out by the dog park and not Maybelle. Much like my dog, I’m a bit of control freak. She likes to herd other dogs and push them around. I expect her to listen to me, and not act like a loud, obnoxious jerk. At the dog park, though, my normally mellow, quiet dog is…nuts. After our initial visit I haven’t returned in about a month. Instead I’ve opted to let her herd my friends’ dogs, including Tulla and Charlie.

But on Monday I had errands to run, which usually means Maybelle and I take a shorter walk than usual, or I take her to a park to run around instead of on a walk. Today, I decided to check out the dog park, hoping that it would be damn near deserted on a chilly Monday afternoon. It was. There was just one other dog there. Perfect!

So here’s my tips for surviving the chaos of the dog park when you’re a control freak: Read the rest of this entry

Does it get any cuter?

No Ruff Days


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Pups in Prison

No, this isn’t a post about sad little puppies behind bars in pounds and shelters across the country. This is a much happier post about the awesome programs that take in homeless dogs and train them in prison.

Before I finally went to the Humane Society, I spent night after night trolling the internet for dogs. There were so many choices, and I was still unsure if I should adopt a  dog at all. I finally submitted an application for a dog in a prison program. The closest one to me, it seemed, that actually adopted those dogs out to the general public (as opposed to training service dogs) was in Virginia. (I may have been wrong about that, as there seems to be one in PA, HopeDogs.) Read the rest of this entry

Couture Collars

Since you saved a ton of money by adopting a mutt instead of buying a designer dog, you can throw your money away on this stylish, but insanely expensive collar.

Harris Tweed Wide, $110

Deer Huntin’

Which way did it go?

I should preface this by saying, no deer were harmed in the making of this blog post.

About 80% of the reason I decided to get a dog was to have a hiking partner that had no choice but to go with me, even if I decided to go at the spur of the moment. In fact, the reason I didn’t adopt Maybelle’s buddy Wilbur was because he didn’t have the stamina for hiking. When I first met him, long before I adopted Maybelle, he laid down halfway through a short summer walk. Read the rest of this entry